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Effective Practices for CCRPI Elementary School Indicator 11

Percent of students' assessments scoring at Proficient or Distinguished Learner on Georgia Milestones EOGs

Eric Ashton, Principal
Michelle Cossette, Assistant Principal

Effective practices at Daves Creek Elementary School are:

1. analyzing pre and post assessment data by data teams;
2. differentiating instruction  which includes remediation and enrichment opportunities;
3. implementing small-group instruction in reading and math;
4. grouping students homogeneously in 3rd—5th math classes;
5. using Math Numbers Talks , a researched-based strategy, in instruction;
6. training special education staff in research-based interventions such as Kanas SIM strategies and Orton-Gillingham, Lindamood-Bell, & SRA interventions;
7. developing professional learning communities through common planning, collaboration & teacher leadership.


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