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Effective Practices for CCRPI High School Indicator 14

Percent of students achieving a Lexile measure greater than or equal to 1275 on the Georgia Milestones American Literature EOC

Susan Gordy, Assistance principal

Effective practices at Carrollton High School are:

1. analyzing appropriate data and monitoring students’ progress;
2. aligning concept of academic rigor in course requirements;
3. organizing students in flexible groupings based on performance benchmarks and assessments;
4. generating student-produced questions that reflect Depth of Knowledge (DOK;
5. incorporating evaluation feedback & guided reflections during conferences about extended written responses;
6. developing students’ self-assessment of strengths & weaknesses and selection of targeted academic focus for improvements;
7. utilizing textual evidence to support findings/conclusions in Socratic Seminars;
8. blending content instruction in Advanced Placement English Language & Composition/American Literature.

Chattahoochee High School (Fulton County Schools)* 
Kathy Smith, Department Chairperson 


Effective practices at Chattahoochee High School are:

1. collaborating in grade-level Professional Learning Communities;
2. determining specific reading standards for instructional units;
3. developing common assessments for targeted standards;
4. reviewing common assessment data and modifying instructional focus;
5. re-assessing targeted standards when necessary.

Greenbrier High School (Columbia County Schools)* 
Terri Duncan, Assistant Principal
Chris Seagraves, Principal 

Effective practices at  Greenbrier High School are:

1. identifying academic weaknesses using data analyses;
2. planning rigorous instruction;
3. developing common assessments collaboratively;
4. utilizing differentiated instructional strategies;
5. providing challenging texts;
6. modeling and applying close-reading and analysis strategies;
7. incorporating Advanced Placement®-style reading passages and questions in all courses.

Pope High School (Cobb County Schools)*
Leslie Lopez, Department Chairperson

Effective practices at Pope High School are:

1. analyzing formative /summative assessment data;
2. completing curriculum alignments in Professional Learning Communities;
3. aligning instruction and common assessments with Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE);
4. providing consistent, sustained and rigorous instruction;
5. teaching document analysis;
6. applying close-reading strategies to texts;
7. requiring rhetorical analysis of challenging texts;
8. completing practice End of Course Tests;
9. connecting interactive reading communities to social aspects of reading thru technology and discussions;
10. providing opportunities for systemic, contextual vocabulary study as test preparation (SAT®);
11. improving readers’ endurance and tenacity.

* School’s effective practices based on 2012-2014 performance data.
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