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ELA/Literacy Online Courses

Implementing the ELA/Literacy Standards

Focus on Reading Standards and Formative Assessment

Use the link below to a self-directed, self-paced course that focuses on the English Language Arts (ELA)/Literacy standards and the important instructional shifts. Course instruction includes strategies for balancing informational and literary text, building knowledge in the disciplines, understanding the “staircase of complexity,” developing text-based answers, writing from sources, and using academic vocabulary.

> Take Reading Online Course and Assessment

Focus on Writing, Presentation, and Publication

Use the link below to a self-directed, self-paced course that looks closely at the standards for English Language Arts (ELA)/Literacy in writing, presentation, and publication. Participants will explore the standards, and will practice strategies to implement these standards into their own classroom instruction. In addition, participants will learn about how technology and media support teaching and learning of the ELA standards.

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PLU Credit

Each online course is thirty hours, so teachers may receive up to three PLUs. Please follow your district's policy on receiving PLU credit. This may require prior approval before starting the Focus on Reading Standards and Formative Assessment or Focus on Writing, Presentation, and Publication online courses. Contact your local district for additional details.
To receive the PLUs, it is suggested that you maintain a course log of readings, activities, reflections and videos watched to the person in your school district responsible for allocating PLUs.

Navigating These Courses

Both courses have a main menu and tabbed area to navigate course content. Begin the course, by moving from left to right in the main navigation.Main Navigation of ELA CCGPS Online Courses
Please click each tab in sub-menu to complete all course activities before advancing to the next link in the main menu.

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