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Literacy Design Collaborative

About LDC

LDC is a systematic framework for developing reading, writing, and thinking skills within various academic disciplines.
LDC Tools embed literacy standards into content-area instruction. They provide teachers with templates, strategies, and quick access to articles for designing literacy-intensive units. By asking students to engage in the reading, writing, and thinking of the discipline, students investigate content through relevant projects and tasks.

LDC in Georgia

In 2011, the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) received a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to train a cohort of teachers and RESA consultants to use LDC tools. Working with those trained teachers and coaches, GaDOE is building capacity in Georgia by expanding training to more teachers, RESA consultants, and district literacy coaches at sites all over the state. Today LDC training is accessible to all teachers via a network of trained teachers and RESA consultants.

  • 2011-2012: GaDOE Cohort I (5 school districts, 37 teachers, 5 RESA/GLRS consultants)
  • 2012-2013: GaDOE Cohort II (47 school districts, 250 teachers, 44 RESA consultants)
  • 2013-present: Trained RESA consultants deliver LDC training at Georgia RESA sites, and trained LDC Teacher Experts redeliver LDC training within their home schools/districts

Module Creator

Teachers in LDC training receive invitations to Module Creator, an online platform for designing LDC instructional units. Module Creator supports teacher collaboration and provides easy access to relevant nonfiction texts with a range of text complexity features.

How to Read a Module

Posted to the right are LDC modules created through Module Creator and written by Georgia educators. The modules provide units of content-area instruction that incorporate the literacy standards. They follow a specific format and require some understanding of the LDC framework. Below are brief tutorials on how to read the posted modules with an overview of the LDC framework.


LDC Instructional Modules designed and field-tested by Georgia Teachers, are located in the blue drop-down menu on the right of this page. Most of these modules have been recognized as national exemplars of LDC instruction.  These ELA, science, social studies, and CTAE units illustrate how the LDC framework incorporates the literacy standards into meaningful content-area instruction. The units include resources and recommendations for supplemental reading material and can be adopted by teachers in their own classrooms.  However, it is strongly recommend that educators interested in LDC attend training at a local RESA site.

Literacy Design Collaborative Website (www.ldc.org) includes links to the LDC Guidebook, videos featuring LDC teachers using LDC in their classrooms, and exemplar LDC modules that align with the literacy standards.

The Georgia Literacy Wiki (literacydesign.wikispaces.com) provides links to informational texts and literacy strategies that support students as they engage in the process of completing a LDC module: preparing for the task, the reading process, transitioning to writing, and the writing process.

    More Information

    For more information about Literacy Design Collaborative or about training in your area, please contact your local RESA.


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