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2014 Summer Mathematics Academy Presentations

The 2014 Summer Mathematics Academy presentations are now available for download. The end goal of the Academy was to enhance the participants’ knowledge base in a particular grade level or course. The files contain all of the electronic media that was used during the presentations including handouts.

The file size of some grade levels are large, so download times may vary depending on your network connection.

Kindergarten (2.8 GB)

First Grade (1.8 GB)

Second Grade (276 MB)

Third Grade (94 MB)

Fourth Grade (86 MB)

Fifth Grade (317 MB)

Sixth Grade (65 MB)

Seventh Grade (23 MB)

Eighth Grade (163 MB)

Coordinate Algebra (42 MB)

Analytic Geometry (15 MB)

Advanced Algebra (593 MB)

Pre-Calculus (337 MB)

Statistical Reasoning (77 MB)

Advanced Mathematical Decision Making (15 MB)

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