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Standard - S7CS3

Standard Detail
Description S7CS3 Students will have the computation and estimation skills necessary for analyzing data and following scientific explanations.
a.  Analyze scientific data by using, interpreting, and comparing numbers in several equivalent forms, such as integers, fractions, decimals, and percents.
b.  Use the mean, median, and mode to analyze a set of scientific data.
c.  Apply the metric system to a scientific investigation that includes metric to metric conversion. (i.e. centimeters to meters).
d.  Draw conclusions based on analyzed data.
e.  Decide what degree of precision is adequate, and round off appropriately.
f.  Address the relationship between accuracy and precision and the importance of each.
Implementation Date 03/28/2006
Status State Approved
Type Georgia Performance Standard
Grades 7   
Subject Science
Program Concentration  
Career Pathway  

Unit Development Template - GA Approved (3)
  Interdependence of Life: Ecology
  Nature of Science

Assessment Development Tool - GA Approved (0)
Nothing to display.

Teaching Activity - GA Approved (0)
Nothing to display.
Performance Task - GA Approved (0)
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Learning Activity - GA Approved (3)
  Effects of Changes in the Environment on Organisms
  The Exercise Effect
  Where Am I Flying? - An Introduction to Migration and Navigation

Aligned Resources - GA Approved (2)
Shape of Life - Animal Investigations
Shape of Life - Animal Investigations