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Music - Fine Arts Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE)

Music Instructional Frameworks

Georgia Standards of Excellence for Music

Georgia Standards of Excellence in Music  

Music Crosswalk from GPS to GSE

K-12 Crosswalk for Music

Individual Grade Level Resources 

Types of Instructional Frameworks

The following Instructional Frameworks for each subject area are linked below and found on the Fine Art Program page.​

Curriculum Map - sample organization structure for each course
Sample Units - sample essential questions, instructional activities, and projects for units in the curriculum map.
Lesson Plans – sample projects, assessments, essential questions, and instructional activities including a classroom ready power point.
Tutorial Videos – created to provide the teacher with specific technical skills and best practices in an art form. Examples include casting, graphite reduction drawing, and creating a path in Illustrator. Also includes instruction on how to set up an age appropriate art room, run a kiln, and organize displays or schoolwide art show.

Grades K-12​​

• Grade Kindergarten
• Grade 1
• Grade 2
• Grade 3
• Grade 4
• Grade 5

• Grade 6
• Grade 7
• Grade 8

• Band I
• Chorus I
• Orchestra I
• Music Theory I
• Foundations of the Music Industry I

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