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    Teachers are a critical part of a child's learning process. They lead children through the learning process, challenging them not only to do their best now, but also to become lifelong learners, opening them to a broad and adaptive future. GeorgiaStandards.Org (GSO) is here to help educators achieve these goals. On the web site you will find: 

    Georgia Performance Standards
    The Georgia Performance Standards provide clear expectations for instruction, assessment, and student work. They define the level of work that demonstrates achievement of the standards, enabling a teacher to know “how good is good enough.” 

    Frameworks are "models of instruction" designed to support teachers in the implementation of the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). The Georgia Department of Education, Office of Standards, Instruction, and Assessment has provided an example of the Curriculum Map for each grade level and examples of Frameworks aligned with the GPS to illustrate what can be implemented within the grade level. School systems and teachers are free to use these models as is; modify them to better serve classroom needs; or create their own curriculum maps, units and tasks. 

    Resources & Videos
    A great number of resources are available that will enhance and support teaching and learning. Educators will find the right tools for easily building standards-based instructional plans as well as immediate access to the materials aligned to the Georgia Performance Standards. Included are over 1,200 videos demonstrating best practices for the classroom in addition to the following resources: 

     Lexile Framework for Reading
    Training is comprised of resource materials provided by the Georgia Department of Education to assist the school systems with the full implementation of the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). Here you will find:


    PBS TeacherLine


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