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What do Mathematics Standards Look Like in the Classroom?

The Georgia Department of Education deeply appreciates the efforts of Georgia mathematics educators which resulted in the
GSE Mathematics Standards in the Classroom video series. The series spotlights Georgia teachers and students engaged in effective instruction surrounding challenging standards as identified by mathematics teachers.

1st Grade Mathematics Video Series


Video MGSE1.OA.4 Resource

Mathematics Glossary, Addition and Subtraction Table
Greg Tang Math Word Problems
Cave Game Subtraction Task
Number Bond Card
GSE Frameworks Tasks, Unit 3 (Operations and Algebraic Thinking)
Ten Frames
• Counters
• Cups


Video MGSE1.OA.6 Resources

Rekenrek App: Number Rack
Dominating Doubles Game Board
Ten Frame Mat
GSE Frameworks Grade 1 – Unit 3 (Operations and Algebraic Thinking)
NZMaths Resource: The Number Strip
Domino Fact Families Practice Task and Recording Sheet
Jo Boaler Research Article – Timed Tests
• Ten Frames
• 20 two-color counters


Video MGSE1.OA.7 Resources

GSE Frameworks Task, Shape Pounds (Operations and Algebraic Thinking)
True or False?
Valid Equalities
Equality Number Sentences
Using Lengths to Represent Equality
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
20 Tickets


Video MGSE1.OA.8 Resources

Mathematics Glossary
Kiri's Mathematical Match Game Task
GSE Frameworks, Grade 1- Unit 3 (Operations and Algebraic Thinking)
• Ten Frames
• Hundreds Chart
• Array of Cards


Video MGSE1.NBT.4 Resources

Arrow Arithmetic Cards
Greg Tang Math, Funny Numbers
Four Strikes and You're Out Game
101 and Out!, Teaching Channel

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