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What do Mathematics Standards Look Like in the Classroom?

The Georgia Department of Education deeply appreciates the efforts of Georgia mathematics educators which resulted in the
GSE Mathematics Standards in the Classroom
video series. The series spotlights Georgia teachers and students engaged in effective instruction surrounding challenging standards as identified by mathematics teachers.

Kindergarten Mathematics Video Series


Video MGSEK.MD.3 Resources

Attributes Rule Lesson Plan
Shape Sorting Student
GSE Frameworks Unit 3 (Sophisticated Shapes)
• Geometric Foam Shapes (Attribute blocks)



Video MGSEK.NBT.1 Resources

Counting Cup Lesson Plan
Counting Cup Task Student Recording Sheet
GSE Frameworks Unit 2 (Comparing Numbers)
• Ten Frame
• Rekenrek
• Foam 6-sided dice
• Foam/Paper/Plastic Cup with 10 – 19 counters in each cup



Video MGSEK.OA.3 Resources

Rekenrek App: Number Rack
What The Heck Is A Rekenrek? Lesson Plan
My Rekenrek Student Recording Sheet
GSE Frameworks Unit 1 (Counting with Friends)
• Rekenreks
• Cardboard
• 2 Pipe Cleaners or beading elastics
• 20 beads (10 red/10 white)



Video MGSEK.OA.4 Resources

Dropping Pennies Lesson Plan
Dropping Pennies Student Recording Sheet
• 10 Pennies (for each pair or group of students)
GSE Frameworks Unit 5 (Investigating Addition and Subtraction)



Video MGSEK.OA.5 Resources

GSE Frameworks Unit 5 (Investigating Addition and Subtraction)
• Counting Bears
• Bowl (used for cave)

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