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What do Mathematics Standards Look Like in the Classroom?

The Georgia Department of Education deeply appreciates the efforts of Georgia mathematics educators which resulted in the
GSE Mathematics Standards in the Classroom
video series. The series spotlights Georgia teachers and students engaged in effective instruction surrounding challenging standards as identified by mathematics teachers.

3rd Grade Mathematics Video Series


Video MGSE3.NBT.2 Resources

Third Grade Curriculum Overview
Let's Think Addition and Subtraction Task, GSE Frameworks 3rd Grade Unit 1
Piggy Bank 3-Act Task
Three Other Ways Task
I Declare War! Task
I Declare War! Student Game Board
Subtraction to Get the Smallest Difference Open Middle Problem



Video MGSE3.NF.2 Resources

I Like to Move It! Move It! Task
Find Grampy (Visual Fractions)
Battleship Numberline
• Pipe Cleaners
• Fraction Bars



Video MGSE3.NF.3 Resources

Achieve The Core Coherence Map
Learn Zillion Froggy One – Jump Contest Lesson
Comparing Fractions Task (Compare to One)
Hexagon Race, Third Grade Unit 5 GSE Frameworks
Learn Zillion Fractions Lessons
Satis Fraction, Greg Tang Math
Pizzas Made to Order Task
Trash Can Basketball
Conceptua Math Tools
Pattern Block Fractions (Illuminations)
• Double Number Lines
• Fraction Tiles



Video MGSE3.OA.8 Resources

Learn Zillion Lessons
Numberless Word Problems
Word Problems
Thinking Blocks
It Takes Two! Task – GSE Frameworks Unit 3
Hooked on Solutions Task
The Class Trip



Video MGSE3.MD.1 Resources

3.MD.1 Deconstructed (5-Step Protocol)
Learn Zillion Videos
Daily Schedule Task, GSE Frameworks Unit 6
Google Maps
Additional Tasks from Georgia Frameworks – 3rd Grade Unit 6
• Open Number Line

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