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GaDOE 2019 Summer Literacy Mini-Grants

Apply for a Summer Literacy Reading Grant

Calling all Literacy Champions!

The English Language Arts team at the Georgia Department of Education is partnering with the Georgia Foundation for Public Education (GFPE) to offer school media specialists the opportunity to apply for a mini-grant. The purpose of the mini-grant is to provide school media centers the chance to create innovative literacy initiatives/activities to engage students this summer. 

Media specialists interested in designing school- and/or community-based spaces and experiences for summer literacy can apply for this opportunity. Thanks to the GFPE, recipients of the mini-grants could receive up to $3,600. 

Apply for a GaDOE 2019 Summer Literacy Mini-Grants

Remember, every child is a literacy leader!

2018-2019 Media Center GaDOE Competitive Grant Application
Literacy Mini-Grant Proposal Evaluation Rubric


The grant is an incentive to create innovative activities/initiatives for students to engage in during the summer months. The funding is to support and encourage summer literacy for students who otherwise would not have access to the resources.

Possible Examples

• summer access to e-books
• providing students with their own reading “kit” for the summer
• partnering with the local library (or community partners) to offer summer access/programs for the school’s students.

Keep in mind, we want school media specialists to create a summer literacy experience that is intended to positively affect student outcomes. Because the needs of students vary from district to district, schools have the flexibility to tailor this summer experience based on the respective students’ needs.

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