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Personal Finance and Economics - Social Studies Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE)

Note: Social Studies Resources are developed and reviewed by #GAsocialstudies educators. 

NEW​ On December 9, 2021 the State Board of Education approved changes to the GSE for the Economics course required for graduation 45.061, that will be implemented during the 2022-23 school year.  The title for the course will change to Personal Finance and Economics​. Click here to view the crosswalk reflecting the changes to the GSE​

Teacher notes, and instructional resources reflecting these changes are coming soon.​

#GAsocialstudies in Action

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Content Resources

Personal Finance and Economics​ ​

Teacher Notes

Personal Finance and Economics Teacher Notes​ (beginning 2022-2023) NEW!

Teacher Content Videos

Allocating Scarce Resources


Determinants of Demand

Determinants of Supply


Economic Systems


Exchange Rates


Marginal Cost, Marginal Benefit, and Rational Decision Making


Measuring the Economy


Monetary Policy


Rational Decision Making and Post High School Options


Roles of Government in the U.S. Economy


Supply and Demand


Instructional Resources

Economics Curriculum Map

​NEW Personal Finance and Economics Curriculum Map​

Resources for Any Unit

Econ Express through GPB

Econ Express​ is a unique online resource that helps teachers and students learn, practice, and assess basic economic concepts in a creative and engaging way. Covering 51 concepts, Econ Express serves as a general overview of the content typically taught in a high school Intro to Economics course.

Unit 1

Sample UnitConnecting Themes

Unit 2

Sample UnitFundamentals Source Set
Sample Lesson 

Social Studies Lab ​

Unit 3

Sample UnitMicroeconomics Source Set
Sample Lesson 

Unit 4

Sample UnitMacroeconomics Source Set

Sample Lesson 

Unit 5

Sample UnitInternational Economics Source Set

Unit 6

Sample UnitPersonal Finance Source Set

Instructional Activity Videos

Introducing Economics


Circular Flow




Enhancing & Extending the Economic Course


Price Floors & Ceilings




Supply, Demand, and Equilibrium Price


Teaching Fiscal Policy & Budgeting: Tradeoffs & Externalities Happen! Part 1


Teaching Fiscal Policy & Budgeting: Tradeoffs & Externalities Happen! Part 2


Teaching Types of Resources and Production Possibility Curves


Types of Competition


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