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Grade 3 - Social Studies Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE)

Note: Social Studies Resources are developed and reviewed by #GAsocialstudies educators. 

#GAsocialstudies in Action

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​What does every day social studies inquiry look like?​

Check out this 3rd Grade Social Studies Lesson "Using Inquiry to Launch a Lesson: American Indians" For lesson resources and more videos visit the Everyday Inquiry in Elementary Social Studies Video Series​


2021-22 Virstual Specialist Videos 


Content Resources

3rd Grade Georgia Standards of Excellence for Social Studies

Teacher Notes

Third Grade Teacher Notes

Teacher Content Videos

British Colonial America Part 1


British Colonial America Part 2


Early American Indian Cultures Part 1


Early American Indian Cultures Part 2


European Exploration of North America


Instructional Resources

3rd Grade Curriculum Map

Third Grade Curriculum Map

Sample Units

Unit 1: Connecting Themes Source Set
Unit 2: United States Geography NEW Document Set
Unit 3: American Indians: Past and Present NEW Source Set
Unit 4: Let’s Go Exploring Source Set-Part 1 NEW Source Set-Part 2
Unit 5: British Colonial America Source Set
Unit 6: American Government Basics Source Set
Unit 7: Economics 101 Source Set

Distance Learning Resources

Unit 2: Topic – Rivers & Mountain Ranges of the U.S.  Rivers & Mountain Ranges

Unit 5: Topic - Life in the Three Colonial Regions of the U.S.

​Topic - Learning From Artifacts​

Instructional Activity Videos

Inquiry Stations: American Indians – 3H1a-b, 3G3a, 3E1a

Investigating Explorers – 3H2, 3G3b

Reading Like a Historian


Using Fiction to Understand History

Using Historical Images 

Social Studies Labs



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