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Grade 6 - Social Studies Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE)

Note: Social Studies Resources are developed and reviewed by #GAsocialstudies educators. 

#GAsocialstudies in Action

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​​What does every day social studies inquiry look like?

Check out this 6th Grade Social Studies Lesson in our Marrying Social Studies and ELA Video Series "Inquiry Stations: What Should Historians Emphasize?"


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Content Resources

6th Grade Georgia Standards of Excellence for Social Studies

Teacher Notes

Sixth Grade Teacher Notes - Europe
Sixth Grade Teacher Notes - Latin America and Canada
Sixth Grade Teacher Notes - Australia

Teacher Content Videos

Citizen Participation


Colonial Influence


Cuba Then and Now


Environmental Issues in Canada


Factors Contributing to Population Distribution


Student Video Dictionary

These are short, classroom appropriate videos for World History and 6th and 7th grade World Studies.

Instructional Resources

6th Grade Curriculum Map

Sixth Grade Curriculum Map

Sample Units

Unit 1: Connecting Themes Source Set 
Unit 2: Europe Geography and Economics--Making the Connection Source Set
Unit 3: Europe: Past Shapes the Present
Unit 4: Latin America: Physical and Human Geography Source Set
Unit 5: Latin America: Past Shapes the Present Source Set
Unit 6: Modern Latin America Source Set
Unit 7: Impact of Canada’s Geography Source Set
Unit 8: Canada Today Source Set
Unit 9-10: Impact of Australia’s Geography & Australia Today  Source Set
Unit 11: Your Financial Future

Distance Learning Resources

Unit 2: Topic - Location, Location, Location...of Europe

Unit 9-10: Topic - Australia: Why does location matter?​

Instructional Activity Videos

Backpacking through Europe

Cold War – 6H1c, 6H3c, 6CG1, 6E1

Environmental Issues – 6G2, 6CG1, 6E1

Factors of Economic Growth

Social Studies Labs

• Environment Issues in Latin America PDF Version PPT

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