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Social Studies Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) Professional Learning

Virtual Learning Communities

Grade Level/Course Specific Professional Learning with Virtual Specialists — Introducing a new FREE online professional learning community exclusively for Georgia educators. The Georgia DOE has created course and grade level specific Professional Learning Communities, led by Virtual Specialists, where educators from across the State can connect with each other to share experiences, resources, lesson plans, and instructional activities.

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​Professional Learning Video Series

Everyday Inquiry in Elementary Social Studies

In the Everyday Inquiry in Elementary Social Studies video series you will find inspiration and direction for how elementary teachers infuse their social studies instruction with the elements of inquiry. Think it can't be done? Check out examples from 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades that show engaged students doing the work of historians, geographers, economists, and political scientists.  Watch how the teacher's role has evolved with the shift to inquiry and hear from leaders why they support this shift.

Social Studies Labs with Bruce Lesh

In the Social Studies Labs with Bruce Lesh video series, Bruce Lesh, author of the book Why Won’t You Just Tell Us the Answer?, shares research on historical inquiry, breaks down the process of thinking like a historian, and then models an inquiry lesson.

Marrying Social Studies and ELA: The Inquiry Method

In the Marry Social Studies and ELA: The Inquiry Method video series, educators explore the benefits of integrating social studies content and literacy skills in the inquiry process. In addition to the overview video, teachers will see two middle grade classroom teachers engaging in a variety of inquiry based strategies that dynamically blend content instruction with reading and writing skills.

Feedback Program

We need the help of #GAsocialstudies teachers to continuously improve the resources GaDOE Social Studies provides. After you have used a GaDOE Social Studies resource, please complete the feedback form.

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