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Fine Arts Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) Standards Survey

The Georgia Department of Education welcomes your feedback and comments through this survey opportunity regarding the draft Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) for Media, Theatre, and Visual Arts.

The Working, Advisory, and Academic Review Committees that drafted these standards included stakeholders from across the state and represented K-12 Fine Arts teachers, post-secondary educators, Fine Arts coordinators, business and industry representatives, parents, and Fine Arts organizations.

This survey will be posted for 30 days beginning on May 4, 2017 and close on June 2, 2107 at 5:00 p.m. EDT.

Thank you for providing your voice in the standards revision process.

Fine Arts GSE Standards

K-12 Media Arts
K-12-Theatre Arts
K-12 Visual Arts

Fine Arts GSE Survey

After you have reviewed the Fine Arts standards, please click on the link below to access a survey to provide your feedback:

> Survey for Feedback of Media, Theatre, and Visual Arts

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