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K-12 Computer Science Framework

K-12 CS Framework

Shaping the Future of CS Education with the K-12 CS Framework

The review period is over, and we appreciate all who have participated in shaping the K-12 CS Framework! The Framework is now completed; the first step in an exciting journey. The next steps are equally electrifying and important as Georgia moves into the forefront of computer science education.

What is the K-12 CS Framework?

The Framework is an overarching set of ideas, developed by industry, national organizations and hundreds of contributors from over a dozen states about what aspects of computer science should be taught to every student throughout K-12 education. The Framework is not a set of standards; it is a general set of concepts and practices.

Underpinning this effort is a belief that computer science provides foundational learning benefiting every child. Computer science gives students a set of essential knowledge and skills important for students’ learning and for their future careers and interests. This work is about defining the basic expectations that every student should have a chance to learn about K-12 computer science to prepare for the emerging demands of the 21st century — not just to major in computer science or secure jobs as software engineers.

Who was Involved?

Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)
Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA)
Cyber Innovation Center (CIC)
National Math + Science Initiative

What can you do?

• Speak to your local schools about offering computer science courses
• Talk to your children about the opportunities in computer science
• Share with schools, friends and other parents that certain CS courses count towards graduation as a fourth math or science credit and also as a foreign language credit.
• Learn more about the K-12 Computer Science Framework and adapt it into your CS curriculum

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For more information about computer science in Georgia, contact K-12 Computer Science Specialist Bryan Cox at or (404) 463-0426.

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