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English Language Arts and Reading

Module 1 Training Materials for K-5: Narrative and RTL Genres and Vertical Alignment

New K-3 Writing Standard Training Materials

Local systems and schools will be providing introductory training regarding the New K-3 Writing Standard (W2). This training will occur during preplanning and/or within the first two weeks of school. Below are links to the same training materials that have been mailed to systems and schools.

GPS Revisions

Below are the proposed Reading and Multicultural Literature Standards/Elements and the Multicultural Literature/Reading Across the Curriculum Standards/Elements. They will be posted for 60 days on this site for public review before being voted on by the State Board of Education. Should you have any comments, questions, or concerns about these proposed Standards/Elements, please feel free to contact: Mary Stout, ELA Program Manager,

The following final copies of the ELA Precision Review for Grades K-3 were accepted at the June State Board Meeting. These additional Writing Standards and Elements were previously posted for 60 days for public review (until June 1st). Should you have any questions and/or concerns about these changes, please feel free to contact: Mary Stout, ELA Program Manager,

English Language Arts GPS Training Materials

The following are all of the ELA GPS redeilvery training materials for K-12:

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