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The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA)

The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement - GOSA

GOSA Resources

GOSA curated a variety of PK-12 digital resources across all subject areas that benefit educators with personalized learning in mind. Teachers and leaders can use these powerful resources to make and/or present standards-based learning in a school environment or virtually. Since the resources are user friendly and curriculum aligned, many of them can also be used by parents to support learning at home. In addition, leaders and coaches will find the resources can provide a wide range of professional development opportunities for educators such as articles, interactive activities, videos, and links.

The resources are prepared by a primary area; yet, in most cases can be placed in any of the three categories:

  • Instructional Resources and Materials - A variety of tools for teachers, students, and parents to use in a face to face or virtual classroom setting that are designed to foster, monitor, and/or analyze student learning and progress while developing and assimilating students' knowledge, abilities, and skills across the curriculum.
  • Personalized Learning - Educational methods, strategies, and approaches that consider each student’s strengths, needs, skills, and interests and aim to customize student teaching and learning based on a flexible learning environment, data connections, and student agency to achieve more positive effects on student academic growth.
    • Data Connections: Using data to identify and categorize student needs for the development of individualized strategies and instruction to meet those needs via effective content and/or methods. This strategy relies on continual assessment and observation to determine initial learning levels, measure student progress, and refine teaching and learning accordingly.
    • Flexible Learning Environment: Student need based on data drives the design of the teaching and learning instructional approaches, which includes curriculum, methods, space, schedules, technology, and talent.
    • Student Agency: Students take ownership and responsibility for what they learn by taking an active role in their education through voice and choice, goal setting, and/or autonomy.
  • Summer Learning - Teaching, learning, and planning opportunities designed to benefit teachers and students during the summer months or extended school year (ESY) periods when schools traditionally observe a break in the calendar.

Click below to access the vetted list of resources that will be updated by GOSA on a frequent basis:

GOSA Contact Information


The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, in partnership with the Georgia Department of Education, is providing the following links as a convenience. The Georgia Department of Education does not endorse any of the products, services, or opinions that are contained within these pages or through external hyperlinks. The Georgia Department of Education does not control these websites and bears no responsibility for the content, the accuracy of the information, and any products or services available on these websites. Furthermore, these webpages and documents provide only a sampling of available resources and in no way should be considered an exhaustive list of available resources.

As a final note, it is at the discretion of individual school districts and schools to determine appropriate resources to serve stakeholders. ​​​​​Parents and stakeholders should contact their individual school districts and schools to inquire about other resources available in their district

For Vendors Seeking to do Business with School Systems or State of Georgia Pursuant to the CARES Act and GEERS:

  • GOSA Vendor Information Collection Form

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