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As with many things in education, there are thousands of ways to develop, create, and deliver podcast. This area has been created to help you sift through the multitude of ways and find the most effective uses for video. Within this section you'll find a place where each curriculum areas has showcased research and development into best practices for video use. Not only will you get an opportunity to read about Best Practices being developed, you'll also be able to see samples and read how individuals have utilized the best practices that are shown throughout this section which are correlated directly to Georgia Performance Standards.

Once a video selection is expanded, a "Watch Video in iTunes" link will be available below each video photo. Clicking that iTunes link will launch the iTunes player, download the video and allow it to be viewed in iTunes. From iTunes, the video can be synced with a Video iPod for playback.

For the best experience download iTunes 7, the latest version of Apple's media player, that allows you to organize and play videos or podcasts on a Mac or PC. Want to know more about podcasts? Visit our FAQ page.



 6th Grade Podcast

 7th Grade Podcast


Social Studies


 Conceptual Teaching Series - Unit 1


 Conceptual Teaching Series - High School


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