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GaDOE iTunes U Content Submission Information

Thank you for your interest in contributing content to the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) site on iTunes University.  The GaDOE is utilizing iTunes U to feature educational content through best practices videos.  In addition, the GaDOE iTunes U site offers digital content to students, parents, administrators and other stakeholders to meet the needs of the 21st century learning environment. If you would like to submit content to be considered for posting on the GaDOE iTunes U site, please read all instructions and disclosures carefully. Then complete, digitally sign and submit the GaDOE iTunes University Content Submission Form. 

Acceptable Content and Formats

GaDOE posts audio, video and text content on the GaDOE iTunes U site. Examples of acceptable content includes, but is not limited to; audio or video of teaching/learning, workshops, training, special educational events or animated video tutorials with supporting text documents.  The GaDOE reserves the right in its sole discretion to decide whether content is appropriate for the GaDOE iTunes U site and to remove content at any time without prior notice.

Technical Specifications

Please ensure content is formatted to the following standards for video, audio, multimedia (e.g. animations with music) and supporting text documents:

- Audio files need to be submitted in the MP3 or AAC formats with the file extensions of .m4a or .mp3.
- Video files need to be submitted in the MPEG-4 format (with H.264 compression recommended) with the files extensions of .mp4 or .m4v. For best video playback on handhelds, Apple recommends the following:

- Data Rate: Up to 1.5 Mbps
- Image Size: 640 x 480 pixels
- Frame Rate: 30 frames per second
- Key Frame: Every 24 frames

- Text files to be submitted in PDF format.
- No individual file can be larger than 300 MB.
- In creating and editing video content, it is recommended that you export your video(s) by selecting the “Movie to iPod” option in the video editing software being used.

GaDOE iTunes U Checklist

The goal of the Georgia Department of Education is to feature exceptional content for teachers, administrators, students, parents and other stakeholders who visit the GaDOE iTunes site.  As a result, before submitting learning content for the GaDOE iTunes U site, please refer to the GaDOE iTunes U Checklist.

> Download GaDOE iTunes U Checklist

Intellectual Property Issues

You will retain all ownership rights that you have in the content being submitted.  However, in order to participate in iTunes U you must grant to GaDOE and Apple, Inc. a license to the Content for purposes of use on the iTunes site (including marketing thereof).  These details will be included in the GaDOE iTunes U Content Submission Form (see below).

Obtaining Permissions from Students or Other Third Parties

In the event your content includes pictures or video/audio recording of students or any other third party, you may need to obtain written permission from them in advance of posting your content to the GaDOE iTunes U site.  You are responsible to maintain all obtained permissions in your records.

Required Information

Content submitted for posting on the Georgia Department of Education iTunes U site must include required information.

> Complete the GaDOE iTunes University Content Submission Form

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