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Middle School Instructional Resources

The Middle School Career, Technical and Agricultural Education Instructional Resources are the first phase of many updates to be posted of new units and revisions. The middle school resource units include a variety of activities and teaching strategies to accommodate all learners. Early in the planning process for this project, math was identified as an area of need to be integrated with CTAE concepts or principles. Teacher teams worked hard to ensure that relevant math activities were included. Every unit has embedded math activities that that reinforce math GPS through application alongside CTAE program content.

The lesson plans are designed in a simple, straight-forward, step-by-step manner with callouts for supplementary files. The units and lessons can easily be adapted to other formats as desired by the teacher or as may be required by the local school system. Units were identified and sequenced by the teacher development teams. Units of instruction are made up of several components including: an annotation, teaching times, GPS, enduring understandings, essential questions, knowledge and skill objectives, vocabulary, and 1-10 lesson plans. The instructional resources development project is an on-going, resource sharing process.

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