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Foundations of Algebra

We are pleased to provide the Summer 2015 Foundations of Algebra professional learning institutes for Middle and High School Mathematics educators in a virtual format. The Foundations of Algebra three-day institute is intended for high school mathematics teachers who plan to teach Foundations of Algebra and middle school mathematics teachers who support students with significant gaps in mathematics achievement.
The Foundations of Algebra three-day institute provides many opportunities to revisit and expand the understanding of foundational algebra concepts, shows how diagnostics may be used to offer focused interventions, and incorporates varied instructional strategies to prepare students for required high school courses.
The three-day course emphasizes both algebra and numeracy in a variety of contexts including number sense, proportional reasoning, quantitative reasoning with functions, and solving equations and inequalities. Each day is divided into brief segments, allowing flexible viewing options. 

Day 1 focuses on the value of and administration of the GloSS and IKAN
Day 2 provides an overview of the content of the units interwoven with tasks from the units
Day 3 emphasizes and illustrates the shifts in classroom practice which are necessary for success in implementing this course.
Foundations of Algebra teachers have the unique opportunity to set a strong and well-appointed stage for future success in mathematics. They have the chance to tune into students’ math misunderstandings and begin to build a stronger foundation for future high school courses. Students must feel safe to ask questions….safe to make mistakes….safe to learn from each to question their own thinking….safe to question teacher thinking and explanations. The three sessions are designed to assist teachers in developing:
• an understanding of the uses of diagnostic assessment  (Information on the IKAN here: IKAN Webinar and Documents)
• a glimpse of the Foundations of Algebra content found in the support materials (Click on the + next to Foundations of Algebra in the right sidebar menu.)
• an appreciation for the classroom practices which assist in building a safe environment for learning as supported by research

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