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Foundations of Algebra - Day 2

Content and Instructional Practices: Part I

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Segment #

Video Title


1 Overview of the Day: Math Quotes Math Quotes handout
2 Keeping the End in Mind. What Does Foundations of Algebra Assessment Look Like? GOFAR item
3 Analyzing the Foundations of Algebra Standards Standard Graphic organizer handout, chart paper, markers
4 What Do the Modules Look Like?  
5 We Know How to Teach Math Well…  
6 Thinking Quantitatively- Fluency & Algebra  
7 Foundations of Foundations- Deep Understanding, Numeracy, Fluency, and Number Sense  
8 Number Talks Number Talks handout
9 Engaging Students and Developing Fluency Color Tiles, counters
10 Fraction Misconceptions Fraction Capture Gameboard, dice, different colored markers
11 Fraction Number Talk  
12 Understanding Fractions Cuisenaire Rods
13 Ratio and Proportion  
14 Engaging Students with 3-Act Tasks 3-Act Recording Sheet

Presenter Biography

Dr. Brian Lack is the K-8 mathematics curriculum and instruction specialist in the Department of Teaching and Learning in Forsyth County Schools.  He has 15 years of experience teaching in diverse settings, including kindergarten, grades 3-6, and the undergraduate level.  His vast range of interests include: the development of multiplicative reasoning and fraction sense in children, inquiry-based teaching and learning, classroom discourse, and the politics of educational reform.  

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