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What do Mathematics Standards Look Like in the Classroom?

The Georgia Department of Education deeply appreciates the efforts of Georgia mathematics educators which resulted in the
GSE Mathematics Standards in the Classroom
video series. The series spotlights Georgia teachers and students engaged in effective instruction surrounding challenging standards as identified by mathematics teachers.

4th Grade Mathematics Video Series


Video MGSE4.NBT.1 Resources

Standard Deconstructed (5-Step Protocol)
Thousands and Millions of Fourth Graders
What Comes Next? Task
Relative Values of Places Task
• Base Ten Blocks
• Kinesthetic Lesson
• Place Value Chart
IKAN Assessment Resources


Video MGSE4.NBT.6 Resources

GSE Math Frameworks – 4th Grade Unit 2
• Place Value Discs
• Base Ten Blocks
Leftovers From 100 Task
Leftovers From 100 Game Instructions
Conceptua Math Tool


Video MGSE4.OA.3 Resources

13 Math Rules That Expire
Numberless Word Problem
Thinking Blocks


Video MGSE4.MD.1 Resources

GSE Math Frameworks, 4th Grade Unit 7
• Cuisenaire Rods


Video MGSE4.MD.2 Resources

How Many Movies Can You See In One Day? – Robert Kaplinsky Task
Standard Deconstructed (5-Step Protocol)
Georgia GSE Math Frameworks Tasks – Unit 7
Elapsed Time Open Number Line

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