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Georgia Classrooms Live! - Intersection of Literacies

Growing Great Writers

Intersection of Literacies: Reading, Speaking, and Writing

Ashley Morris
Lindley Middle School
Cobb County School District

Supporting Documents

Leadership Traits Lesson Plan
Leadership Traits PPT
Leadership Traits Bar Graph
Challenge Envelope

Grade Level and Content Area

English Language Arts
Seventh Grade

Standards Addressed

English Language Arts Georgia Standards of Excellence (ELAGSE)



“Who’s Better Equipped to Run the World?”*

Analyzing data is a tough skill to teach but a critical ability to develop in our students. Ms. Morris leads her students through the analysis process by providing a provocative topic* and using data to support or refute a claim in an argument essay. Students are asked to write on “Male versus Female Leadership.” Using Writers’ Workshop, students develop an Argument Checklist that includes claim, supporting evidence, counter-claim, and implications to the real world. Students are grouped and engaged in dynamic debate complete with “Accountable Talk Prompts,” and “Exemplar Anchor Charts.” This outstanding educator also employs mini-lessons on reading complex data, periodic checking for understanding, collaborative sharing, and differentiation.

Video Segments

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Activator: Kahoot!
Mini Lesson
Work Session: Writer’s Workshop
Closing: Collaborative Sharing

About the Teacher

Ashley Michelle Morris is currently a Secondary English Language Arts Professional Learning Specialist for Cobb County School District. She received her Bachelor of Science and Master of Education in Elementary Education & Reading from Alcorn State University. She received her Education Specialist in Teaching and Learning from Georgia Southern University. The past three years, Ashley has served as an academic coach at Lindley Middle School. She believes strongly in meaningful and personalized instruction. Her advice to any educator is to commit expanding your skill set by challenging yourself and your students.

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