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Welcome to Georgia Classrooms Live! - The Role of Evidence in Writing

Growing Great Writers

The Role of Evidence in Writing

Kayse Morris, Sixth Grade Teacher
Coffee Middle School
Coffee County School District

Supporting Documents

 Brief Constructed Response Lesson Plan
 Herschel Walker’s NewsELA Leveled Articles
 Herschel Walker Color-coded Paragraph
 Classroom Anchor Charts

Grade Level and Content Area

Sixth Grade
English Language Arts

Standard(s) Addressed

English Language Arts Georgia Standards of Excellence (ELAGSE) 



“A positive learning environment is the heartbeat of the classroom!” Kayse’s lessons evince proof of this fundamental belief. The purpose of this lesson is for students to understand what is being asked of them in regards to a constructed response question. A “Balloon Race” begins the lesson, with a bang! Students sort paragraphs of a closely read article, differentiated for reading levels, to demonstrate their learning. An article about a legendary football hero piques students’ interest, and prepares them to write a paragraph that explains the central idea of the article, citing at least two details from the article to support their answer, identify the “MVP” sentence, and use transitions. Engaging the RACE strategy, step-by-step, students have added one more “tool to their toolbox” to unwrap a question and write a well-organized and cohesive response.

Video Segments

 Activator: Balloon Race
 Brief Constructed Response
 Independent Writing

Video vignettes that give teachers a look into standards-based ELA instruction.  Below are the criteria for classroom instruction:
 Aligned to TKES

About the Teacher

Kayse Morris has taught grades K-8, and she currently teaches 8th grade English and Language Arts at Coffee Middle School in Douglas, Georgia. Kayse received a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education, but decided to transform her love for technology into the classroom while achieving her Masters in I.T. She is currently pursuing her Educational Specialist in Leadership. Kayse has a passion for life, and a love for students that she encompasses while implementing rigor and relevance through technology in her classroom. When she isn’t teaching, she is making teacher resources to motivate and accelerate children all over the world. Her best piece of teaching advice is to never settle with being an “okay” teacher. “You were born for greatness! Remember, relationships are the foundation that molds greatness in your students.”

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