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What do Mathematics Standards Look Like in the Classroom?

The Georgia Department of Education deeply appreciates the efforts of Georgia mathematics educators which resulted in the
GSE Mathematics Standards in the Classroom
video series. The series spotlights Georgia teachers and students engaged in effective instruction surrounding challenging standards as identified by mathematics teachers.

2nd Grade Mathematics Video Series


Video MGSE2.NBT.5 Resources

Student Participation Strategy Video (Teaching Channel)
Fluency Without Fear Article
Mathematics Effective Instructional Practices Guide
Adding 2-Digit Numbers Open Middle Task


Video MGSE2.NBT.7 Resources

The Candy Bowl 3-Act Task (see page 22)
The Candy Bowl 3-Act Task Student Recording Sheet (see page 27)
Subtraction to Get the Smallest Difference Open Middle Task
GSE Mathematics Frameworks, Second Grade Unit 4
Additional Tasks


Video MGSE2.NBT.9 Resources

Student Participation Strategy Video (Teaching Channel)
Math Explanation Rubric
Additional Tasks


Video MGSE2.OA.1 Resources

Mathematics Glossary, Table 1 (see page 8)
Numberless Word Problems
GSE Frameworks Task - Counting Mice (Unit 2) (see page 117)
Incredible Equations, Inside Mathematics Task
Greg Tang Math Word Problems
Thinking Blocks


Video MGSE2.MD.8 Resources

Interactive 100 Number Chart
Second Grade – Grade Level Overview
It All Adds Up 3-Act Task
Coin Bubble Interactive Game
To The Bank Game
Teaching The Value of Coins, NCTM Article
GSE Framework – Second Grade Unit 2

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