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Lexile in Action

The Lexile Framework for Reading in Action is intended to assist Georgia educators in their efforts to apply the Lexile Framework for Reading as a tool to differentiate instruction in the classroom. There is a two-fold purpose to this approach.

First, the attempt is to draw an explicit connection between the Lexile Framework for Reading and specific, real strategies and practices that can be used in most classrooms. To that end, a significant number of well-established strategies and task suggestions are presented and described. The strategies and tasks presented here are long-standing, well-established strategies and practices that have been developed and refined over a long period of time. These strategies and task suggestions complement the instructional use of the Lexile Framework for Reading across the major content areas. Second, and perhaps most importantly, is the aim to link strategies and tasks to Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) and to preview possible task suggestions that can be further implemented using the Lexile Framework for Reading in conjunction with multiple web resources.

To achieve this linkage, we have chosen a sample of standards from the Georgia Performance Standards and linked each selection to a variety of resources, resources across a wide range of Lexile measures. Additionally, for each GPS, we have linked at least one resource to a specific strategy or task suggestion.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, all resources are drawn from databases powered by GALILEO.