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Family and Consumer Sciences

Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) offers a unique focus on families, work, and their interrelationships, providing a solid foundation of success for any student. Through relevant coursework, community projects, student organizations, and internship/mentoring opportunities, students develop the essential leadership, life, and communications skills they need to become responsible citizens and leaders in family, community, and work settings. As a Family and Consumer Sciences student, you’ll learn to manage resources to meet the essential needs of individuals and families; to promote optimal nutrition and wellness across the life span; and to accept responsibility for your actions and success in family and work life. The career and educational opportunities available in Family and Consumer Sciences are varied and virtually unlimited, as are the postsecondary educational opportunities.

Family and Consumer Sciences graduates can either enter the workforce after high school or continue their educations at technical or two- or four-year colleges. Many courses in the concentration are available with dual enrollment at a local postsecondary institution. The essential knowledge and skills developed through Family and Consumer Sciences prepare you for a successful future in any field, as well as in family and community life. This program allows students the opportunities to experience classroom and laboratory components and instruction that meets industry validated standards, work-based learning in the form of internships, cooperative education, school-based enterprises and Youth Apprenticeship, and membership in the Family, Career & Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), is an organization which provides opportunities to build leadership and competitive skills necessary in the world of work and in the community.

For more information about the Family & Consumer Sciences program, please read more at the CTAE website link below. 

*Courses Required for Pathway Completion

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 Consumer Services

 Nutrition & Food Science

 Interior Design

 Other GPS Family & Consumer Sciences Courses