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Innovation in Teaching Competition - Beyond the Textbook

GOSA Innovation in Teaching Competition

A Wrinkle in Time Novel Study

Amy Palermo
River Trail Middle School
Fulton County Schools

Grade Level and Content

Sixth Grade
English Language Arts


This unit provides a differentiated novel study of Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time and focuses on informational writing and theme analysis. During the unit, students develop their reading comprehension skills, use higher-order thinking skills to discuss the book with their peers and teachers, and use apps – including Nearpod, Padlet, and PicCollage – to analyze a setting’s relationship with the theme. At the end of the unit, students integrate what they have learned in order to write their own analysis of the text in the form of a newspaper article, pamphlet or a recorded or live news report with a written transcript.

Standards Adressed

English Language Arts

ELA.6.R.L.2; ELA.6.R.L.3; ELA.6.R.L.4; ELA.6.R.L.5; ELA.6.R.L.6; ELA.6.R.I.4; ELA.6.W.2a-f; ELA.6.W.1a-e; ELA.6.W.4; ELA.6.W.5; ELA.6.W.6; ELA.6.L.1; ELA.6.L.2; ELA.6.L.3; ELA.6.L.4; ELA.6.L.5; ELA.6.L.6

Available Materials

Unit Introduction
A Wrinkle in Time Novel Study Unit Plan
Vocabulary Log
Comprehension Questions
Double Journal Entry Instructions and Checklist
Discussion Starters
Mini Research Project
Vocabulary Quizzes
Setting and Theme Artwork
Setting and Theme PowerPoint
Theme Carousel
Setting Graphic Organizers
Gallery Walk Graphic Organizer
Plot Outline
Compare and Contrast Lesson
Democracy and Autocracy Readings
Democracy and Autocracy Graphic Organizers
Metaphorical Lesson
Metaphorical Lesson Graphic Organizers
Sonnet Facts Information Sheet

Video of Lesson

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About the Teacher

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Disclaimer: The unit plans and materials on the Innovation in Teaching Competition website are aligned with Georgia’s standards through December 2014. English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics standards have been revised. The revised standards were approved by the State Board of Education on January 15, 2015. The revised ELA and Mathematics standards were renamed from the CCGPS to the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE).

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