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Innovation in Teaching Competition - Beyond the Textbook

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The Innovation in Teaching Competition: Beyond the Textbook began as part of Georgia’s Race to the Top plan to create and support highly-effective teachers.  The competition has two main goals.  First, to recognize and reward educators from across our state who are using innovative strategies to advance student achievement.  And second, to make videos of the winning teachers, along with their unit plans and supplementary materials, available to all Georgia educators.

On this site, you will find videos, unit plans, and supplementary materials from these winning teachers. These resources represent a variety of grade levels and innovative strategies, from project-based and applied learning to differentiated small group instruction and creative classroom management techniques. All of the resources you will find here are real unit plans created by real teachers, and are designed to help your students learn in new ways – off the grid, past the classroom walls, and beyond the textbook.

Disclaimer: The unit plans and materials on the Innovation in Teaching Competition website are aligned with Georgia’s standards through December 2014. English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics standards have been revised. The revised standards were approved by the State Board of Education on January 15, 2015. The revised ELA and Mathematics standards were renamed from the CCGPS to the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE).

Special Education 
Jamie McFarland
Fall Trees and Apples
Kindergarten through 2nd Grade
English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies
> View Jamie McFarland's Materials and Video

Debbie Chrzanowski
Seuss on the Loose: An Integrated Unit
English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science
> View Debbie Chrzanowski's Materials and Video

Debi Goodman
Exploring STEM Through Stuffed Animals
Science, Mathematics and English Language Arts
> View Debi Goodman's Materials and Video

Lindsey Rhodes
How Can We Plan and Write a Nonfiction Piece?
English Language Arts and Science
> View Lindsey Rhodes Materials and Video

First Grade
Amanda Cavin
How Does Weather Impact the Way We Grow Food?
Mathematics and English Language Arts
> View Amanda Cavin's Materials and Video

Tara Dougherty
Collaborative Literacy Stations
English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science
> View Tara Dougherty's Materials and Video

Bynikini Frazier
Bringing Vocabulary to Life: Using our Words to Help Homeless Children
English Language Arts, Mathematics and Social Studies
> View Bynikini Frazier's Materials and Video

Second Grade
Courtney Bryant
Designing a Garden Bench
> View Courtney Bryant Materials and Video

Third Grade
Michelle Davis
First Impressions: Writing, Sensory Language and Enemy Pie
English Language Arts
> View Michelle Davis' Materials and Video

Sarah Lucas
How does Pollution Impact our Environment?
English Language Arts and Science
> View Sarah Lucas' Materials and Video

Jan Moore
Exploring Writing, Math, and Social Studies with Paul Revere
English Language Arts, Social Studies and Mathematics
> View Jan Moore's Materials and Video

Fourth Grade
Amanda Miliner
Market Day
Social Studies, Mathematics, and English Language Arts
> View Amanda Miliner's Materials and Video

Fifth Grade
Rikki Chandler
Wonder Novel Study
English Language Arts
> View Rikki Chandler's Materials and Video

Melanie Hartfield
Conservation Inside the Classroom and Beyond
English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies
> View Melanie Hartfield's Materials and Video

Jenny Ittner
Restaurant Design Challenge
English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Social Studies
> View Jenny Ittner's Materials and Video

Jennifer McIntosh
We Built This City, Mastering Volume
Mathematics and Science
> View Jennifer McIntosh Materials and Video

Tori Sinco
Differentiated Learning with Decimals
> View Tori Sinco's Materials and Video

Sixth Grade
Ashley Bailey
IWitness News: Breaking into Geometry
> View Ashley Bailey's Materials and Video

Amy Palermo
A Wrinkle in Time Novel Study
English Language Arts
View Amy Palermo's Materials and Video

Eighth Grade
Lindsay Bowley
Creating a Small Business Plan
English Language Arts
> View Lindsay Bowley's Materials and Video

Michelle Brake
Bullying Can’t Continue Spreading Project
English Language Arts
> View Michele Brake's Materials and Video

Chuck Trader
Solving Linear Equations with a Teeter Totter
> View Chuck Trader's Materials and Video

Ninth to Twelfth Grades
Tabitha Ginther
A Zombie Apocalypse: An Introduction to Rhetoric
English Language Arts
> View Tabitha Ginther's Materials and Video

Jerry Knox
Projectiles, Physics, and Punkin’ Chunkin’
Physics and Mathematics
> View Jerry Knox's Materials and Video

Dr. Mohan Sadhasivan
The Cost of a College Education
> View Dr. Mohan Sadhasivan's Materials and Video

Dr. Brian Swanagan
Hands-On Applications of Modeling Geometry
> View Dr. Brian Swanagan's Materials and Video

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> View Innovation in Teaching Competition Materials on iTunes U

Feedback?  Comments? Suggestions? Share your thoughts about the Innovation in Teaching Competition videos and unit plans here.

Contact Information for the Innovation in Teaching Competition

Rebecca Ellis
Governor’s Office of Student Achievement
Program Manager, Innovation Fund
(404) 596-3651

The contents of this website – including the videos, unit plans, and supplementary materials – were developed under a grant from the Department of Education. However, those contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the US Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government.

GOSA Innovation in Teaching Competition

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