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Innovation in Teaching Competition - Beyond the Textbook

Restaurant Design Challenge

Jenny Ittner
Chattahoochee Elementary
Gwinnett County Schools

Grade Level and Content

5th Grade
English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Social Studies


During this three week project-based learning unit, students collaborate to design a restaurant. Throughout the unit, students address mathematics standards by managing a $1,500,000 budget and designing a blueprint of their restaurant. Students also address English language arts and social studies standards by defining their target market, creating a name and logo for their restaurant, creating a menu, “buying” real estate, opening a business checking account and applying for a business license and launching an advertising campaign. Throughout the unit, students will use a variety of apps and browser-based computer programs to carry out all project requirements. At the end of the unit, students present their restaurant plan and serve a dish from their menu to teachers, administrators and parents.

Standard Addressed

English Language Arts
ELA.5.SL.1; ELA.5.SL.4; ELA.5.SL.5; ELA.5.L.3

M.5.NBT.5; M.5.NBT.6

Social Studies

Available Materials

Unit Introduction
Daily Lesson Plans
Project Design PowerPoint
Project and Presentation Requirements
Designing a Restaurant Brainstorming Sheet
Real Estate Activity Sheet
Name and Logo Activity Sheet
Food Activity Sheet
Menu Activity Sheet
Advertising Activity Sheet
Helpful Links and Websites
Restaurant Fakebook Template
Checks and Balance Sheet
Restaurant Review Template

Video of Unit

> Download this Video (To save right-click then select 'Save target as' or 'Save link as')

About the Teacher

Jenny Ittner is a Gifted Education teacher at Chattahoochee Elementary School in Duluth, GA. Ms. Ittner received her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education from Jacksonville State University and her Master of Middle Grade Education at Brenau University. Additionally, Ms. Ittner was named the 2015 Chattahoochee Elementary Teacher of the Year. Her best
piece of teaching advice is not to “cover” material students need to know, but to facilitate authentic, relevant, and meaningful learning experiences that provide students opportunities to “discover” these things on their own.

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Disclaimer: The unit plans and materials on the Innovation in Teaching Competition website are aligned with Georgia’s standards through December 2014. English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics standards have been revised. The revised standards were approved by the State Board of Education on January 15, 2015. The revised ELA and Mathematics standards were renamed from the CCGPS to the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE).

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