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ELA Professional Learning Webcasts - Grade 4

New to the Common Core Tools Webcast Series?

Here are a few pointers:

*  Click the play button to begin
*  To maximize click the “full screen” button in the lower right-hand corner
*  Click the navigation arrows beneath the screen to advance through the presentation
*  Press 'Esc' key to end the presentation at any time


January 23, 2013
Files to Download

- Webcast Presentation
- Featured Document that includes:

1.  Student work exemplar (Patrick Henry essay)
2.  Vocabulary Graphic Organizer
3.  Essay Organization Graphic Organizer
4.  Analysis Writing Rubric
5.  Read Write Talk
6.  Mentor Text: Old Man and the Sea
7.  Patrick Henry’s Speech, full text
8.  Mentor Text Graphic Organizer


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