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STEM Frameworks of Instruction

STEM integrated frameworks of instruction bring mathematics and science content knowledge into Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) courses and CTAE applications into mathematics and science instruction. The model unit/task frameworks of instruction, written by Georgia teachers, integrating mathematics, science and selected CTAE concentration areas serve as examples for high school and middle school teachers.

Model frameworks of instruction are available on topics in CTAE concentration areas.

HS Agriculture
Fertilizer (16 MB)
Seed (8 MB)

HS Architecture
 Roof Insulation (6 MB)
Sun Pathways (4 MB)

HS Computer Science
 Noise Pollution (1 MB)
 Paramecium Yeast (3 MB)

HS Engineering
 Catapult (26 MB)
Dragster (15 MB)

HS Family & Consumer Science
 Leavening (2 MB)
 Sensory Evaluation of Food (22 MB)

HS Healthcare Science
 Infectious Diseases (354 MB)
 Vital Signs (32 MB)

MS Agriculture
 Down and Dirty (5 MB)
 Greenhouse Guru (9 MB)

MS Engineering
 Cardboard Chair (1 MB)
 Trebuchet (42 MB)

MS Healthcare Science
 Biotechnology (8 MB)
 Radiology (3 MB)

NOTE: To access the documents you will need to unzip them and then open the “FrameworkPlan…”.

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