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ExPreSS Programs

Project ExPreSS Summer Program

The Project EXPRESS Summer Program is no longer available, however, the lesson plans used in instructing students during these summer remediation sessions are available on this web page.  Science and Social Studies are the only two content areas available.  Materials within these two content areas are designed to assist you in taking the Georgia High School Graduation Test in Science and/or Social Studies. Mathematics lesson plans were contracted with an outside vendor and we no longer have the rights to this property.  Lesson plans for English Language Arts were never created for a summer remediation face to face session.  However, Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies are available through the EXPRESS online link below.


Project ExPreSS Videos are accessible to teachers only. This requires a MyGaDOE Portal Account.

  ·  Project ExPreSS Science Videos 
  ·  Project ExPreSS Social Studies Videos

Project ExPreSS Summer Program Materials

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 Science 2010

 Science 2009

 Social Studies

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